How To Apply A Resume In WordPress



Hello again, and welcome back to this weeks blog post! I wanted to show you how to apply a resume in WordPress, which I mentioned in last weeks post on the 5 Steps Towards Landing A Design Job.

In this how to tutorial/ steps process I am showing you how to apply your resume within a PDF form towards your webpage, and also with pictures! Mine is placed within my About page upon my website, but these steps will work with whatever page or area that you are interested in applying your very own resume.


 Step One: is to click on your pages icon on the left hand side bar of your WordPress page.



Step Two: when you open your Pages icon, go and click on your About page which will bring up your About page which you can do all of your adjustments and editing.



Step Three: after opening your About page, clock on the little drop down area in the far left section of your tools panel. The little downwards pointing arrow will take you to an extra menu when you click on it.


Step Four: after clicking upon the drop down area, you will see the Add Media option, which you will then click on.



Step Five: when you reach the adding media window, in the top section click on the Documents tab



Step Six: then below the Documents tab, you will see the Add New button, which you will then click on and internally search for your resume within a PDF form.



Step Seven: within the bottom left hand corner of the window you will see a Edit button, click on it


Step Eight: when the editing window appears you will want to then clock on the Copy button to copy the entire URL (or you can highlight the entire URL and hold down CTRL then press C on a PC…  or hold down Command, press C, then release both keys upon a MAC). After copying the URL, go to the bottom right hand corner and click on the Cancel button


Step Nine: now you will go back to your About editing page, and insert your designed image and/or button for individuals to see when viewing your page.



Step Ten: now click on your image/button  and click on the little text box that appears when highlighted to add a caption to your image/button.



Step Eleven: in this step you will highlight the caption text, and then go back up towards your Tools Panel and click on the chain icon/ link icon.


Step Twelve: you will then have a window appear, within that window you are able to do a few things. There will be a URL box, which you will then insert your URL (Hold Control and press V to paste on a PC or  hold down Command, press V, then release both keys on a MAC) within the box. You also have the option for your resume to open into another page/tab when clicked on.



Step Thirteen: you can also edit your caption text within the Link Text box as well. Which after you have completed everything, to the bottom right hand corner and click on Add Link which will insert your link within the text, and webpage.



Step Fourteen: last step, after you save you link is to then click on the Update button on the right hand sidebar of your page and then you should be set to go. YAY!



Now you know how to apply your resume within a WordPress page! YAY!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog, and have a great week!


5 Steps Towards Landing a Design Job



Hi there! Welcome back to this week’s blog post about the 5 Steps Towards Landing A Design Job. I am currently in college, and aiming towards getting my Bachelors Degree in Visual Communication & Design with focuses in Graphic Design and Photography. With this post I am trying to help the future college students that are focusing within the same degree the help in taking the next steps towards achieving the career goals, and what it will take to make their dreams come too.

These are the steps I have learned throughout my process towards achieving my career dreams as well. If there is any steps that I am missing, please leave me a message within the comments and we can discuss the topic more at a further time. I am open to any advice that anyone is willing to give. So, I hope this helps anyone that is needing some advice towards the next steps within the design career.


Step One: Look Professional

Professional appearance is a key element towards taking the step towards a successful career jump. Look your best with a great outfit that fits your personality, good hygiene, and nice smelling cologne/perfume but do not over do it! Keep a professional appearance at all times during your interview, which will make or break it. Also during anything with business involved, keep it professional and proper.


Step Two: Artist Statement

Yep, this step is one of the roughest parts of being in this career field. *laughs* A artist statement is all about selling yourself to whomever you are trying to establish a position towards. Some of the key elements that need to be presented within your artist statement are:

  •                 Why are you an artist?
  •                 What are you doing?
  •                 What are you passionate about?
  •                 What do you want to pursue the rest of your life?

Make sure to keep your statement is between two sentences or about a paragraph in length.


Step Three: Design Your Voice

You are going to need your own voice, which signifies you as a designer. Identify your voice with creating a personalized theme that identifies you, which means to Brand Identify Yourself! Design a digital portfolio and establish yourself a personalized logo that represents you. Be creative and original with it, or even try using just your initials for a creative spark. Keep your eye out on color themes that are representative of you which can be through a piece of art, a photograph, or a design scheme with a certain color pallet.

When you establish your final concepts put together, remember to establish these elements towards other business aspects as well such as any social media that you present your work upon, business cards, and your paper resume and portfolio.

Also, make sure to incorporate your BEST pieces into your portfolio! Do not pick anything that took you five minutes to create, or is well under the craftsmanship mark. Companies want to see your best work, and with that you need to pick and choose between all of your pieces of art, design, or photograph pieces and choose your most creative, eye catching, and composition towards your pieces. If you need more help towards finding the best photographs that apply towards your portfolio, take a look at my post about the 12 Elements of a Remarkable Photograph to help you make the final choices for your portfolio.




Step Four: Research, Research, and more Research

Yep, research your butt off for where you fit in within the design world. Try and figure out if you are interested in:

  • Being located within a big city, smaller city, or even a small town environment.
  • Work within a small business environment, or a larger big firm.
  • Maybe you are more of a hip and funky type of person, or maybe more simple and quaint.


Also, look into FOUR different places within different regions that you could possibly see yourself being employed and/or possibly establish a career.

  • Start by looking locally within your community, or a nearby city which for me would be Fort Wayne, IN or Indianapolis, IN.
  • Next, go more of a regional aspect such as a city that is more than 2 hours away, which for me would be Chicago, IL, Detroit, MI, or Columbus, OH.
  • Then lastly, go national or out of your state of origin. Which for me would be California, Colorado, Alabama, and so on… Heck maybe even Hawaii. *laughs*
  • Take a bigger step and you can go internationally. Who would not want to work in Paris or London? The transition would be an interesting process, but nothing wrong with living your life to the fullest!

Research these companies, organizations, or businesses through their websites and figure out what type of work they provide, their clientele base, background of the cities/towns they are located in, and very importantly who to contact when the time comes!


Step Five: Work Experience

This step is probably one of the best steps within blog post. Having job experience is a big thing when it comes towards establishing a place within the design world. Try and land yourself an internship (paid or unpaid), work-study, a part-time gig, or try out some freelancing as well. Incorporate your work from your experience into your portfolio, so when clients or employers go to look at your portfolio they see what you are capable of.

Having this experience within your portfolio, and resume is a great plus side towards employers when it comes to that time to apply or cold call companies for a potential job or gig. Apply your resume upon your portfolio webpage within your about page – Preview of Mine – so after they read about you and your work they can go ahead and instantly download your resume, and possibly give you a call the next day! YAY!


Thank you for reading this weeks blog, and I hope this helps out anyone who is in the need for furthering their career within the design world. Have a great week!