Adventures in the Field

Hello again, and welcome back to this weeks blog post! This week I am showing you a preview from a recent photo shoot that I was able to establish with a friend of mine. I have always been interested in pursuing a photo shoot within a corn field from a few of my inspirational sites. So after a few weeks of debating this creative thought, and the ultimate steps that it took to find a gorgeous model I finally made it happen. Yay is right. *laughs*

I was even able to capture a few shots of her fellow model/ canine companion that was just as gorgeous, and playful. If you are interested, her canine companion is an all white Husky with beautiful blue eyes that helped with capturing a few of these images. Below are a few of the images that I was able to produce from this wonderful photo shoot, and there is also an attached Pin-able image for sharing on Pinterest as well!

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, and I hope to see you next week!





Black & White Newborn Photography


I had the privilege of being able to photograph a new life coming into this beautiful world! This is the Armstrong family from here in Fort Wayne, IN that just recently got a new little addition named Maddox. I was able to photograph this handsome little guy, while also including his mother and father to the mix. These images are a few of the many that I was able to snag from this adorable photo shoot.