7 Key Elements Towards Conceptual Photography


Hi everyone! I wanted to share some useful photography information towards the more conceptual based photography style that is starting to be showcased within today’s society. Conceptual Photography is staged to represent an idea, and the ‘concept’ is both preconceived and understandable within the completed image. This particular style is most often seen in advertising and illustration based artwork.

These 7 Key Elements towards the conceptual idea of photography are great thoughts and ideas to keep in mind when pursuing a photo shoot with a certain concept based direction.


Give your images that look and definition with sparks of color. Photoshop and Lightroom are great resources that can help bring out a wide variety of colors, and can also help you manipulate your images as well.


Texture’s helps give your images a dimensional look that helps add to the overall story, and provides a real life feel of the story being told. That additive towards a great visual feel helps draw a viewers eye into your imagery, and also gives the appeal of being there on a more personal level.


This element is key on how your viewers see and understand your images concept. So seeing it clearly in your mind before the actual shooting process is a great step in understanding what the finished product would look like.


Try and understand this element very well. Do your research and giver yourself a good understanding on what particular gestures and possibly features are represented to your ideal audience. You want to make the viewer think, but not to the point of over-thinking your artwork.

Poses can be associated with emotions as well, so be careful on how you would want them to be portrayed. If you are not sure on where to start on posing your model, then you are welcome to glance over my blog post on 15 Simple Ideas towards Posing Your Clients for a good understanding on posing and setting up your model.


J.Neill-Conceptual.025.Props / Models

These are elements that help lead your viewers eye to your artwork, and helps them understand what your theme might be for the overall concept. Using large props are exciting for viewers, and can help catch their eye from other fellow artwork pieces.

A wide assortment of conceptual based photography is based just upon prop images to send out a story all in itself. So being aware of what what your overall idea is before shooting your images is a great way to understand what you want your viewers to see when trying to understand your artwork.

6.Outfits / Wardrobe

Outfits are a big part of the story as well, and can be understood in different ways. So keep in mind what your model or subject is wearing. You do not need anything expensive, but just make sure it fits the theme of the overall story. The color of the outfit or wardrobe can also send out a variety of different emotions or feelings to your audience, so make sure that if you are wanting a certain feel then try and pair your theme with that particular color.

7.Overall Story

This element is EVERYTHING! Making sure your overall vision is understood across the entire series – from development, the photo shoot, and all the way to post processing to make sure your message is being conveyed powerfully. The story is your inspiration towards the overall concept, so make sure that all of your efforts and hard work are put to the full expectation.


Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, and I hope that these 7 key elements are helpful towards telling your story though your inspired journey on the conceptual based photography path.

If you have any comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to each out to me.

Top 6 Inspirational Reads from 2016




Hello again, and welcome back to this week’s blog post. I am sharing with you My Top 6 Inspiration Reads from the 2016 year. I know the end of the year is coming up fast, so I thought I would share these amazing reads for anyone that is interested in reading a good book by the fire this winter.

I enjoy reading a great book when I have the opportunity, but these six choices I have presented are my top favorites! The genres range from woodies, outdoors and hard work too traveling all over the planet to learn about languages and their cultures.

I hope you enjoy these amazing reads just as much as I did! If you are planning on purchasing any of these books, keep in mind that Amazon has all of these choices in a Kindle Edition, while they are also available for Amazon Prime purchases as well. Yay!


1) Dirt Work – Christine Byl


Dirt Work is definitely a favorite of mine. I heard of this book through a friend of mine, and when I started reading it I knew I was going to like it. I am an adventurer myself, and getting my hands dirty in the dirt is not a big deal. This book helped me understand what it takes to take care of our beloved national and state parks, which requires a lot!

A little description: “A lively and lyrical account of one woman’s unlikely apprenticeship on a national-park trail crew and what she discovers about nature, gender, and the value of hard work”




2) An Object of Beauty – Steve Martin


The first thing I noticed about this great read was the author. Yep, Steve Martin the actor and which also is an avid Art Critique. Who knew right? *laughs* I am an artist, and reading An Object of Beauty was an eye opener on what it takes to enhance yourself within the art community of New York, which is a job all in itself.

A little description:  “Lacey Yeager is young, captivating, and ambitious enough to take the NYC art world by storm. Groomed at Sotheby’s and hungry to keep climbing the social and career ladders put before her, Lacey charms men and women, old and young, rich and even richer with her magnetic charisma and liveliness.”




3) The Explorers – Martin Dugard


I heard about The Explorers from a review I read about in a local magazine, so I decided to give it a try and I loved it! Exploration, adventures, and a handful of knowledge. This would be a great gift for the reader in your life that is always looking for an adventure.

A little description: “Learn to unlock your inner explorer in this riveting account of a great, forbidding adventure and “a fascinating examination of the seven key traits of history’s most famous explorers”



4) Pilgrim In The Palace of Words – Glenn Dixon


All time favorite! I actually got caught twice reading this book at work, and I still could not get enough of it. I heard of this book through a former professor, and every word he said about it was right. A man who journey’s the world to understand and explore languages from where they were born and what they have become now. You will learn so much from this amazing read, and you might also pick up and new language.

A little description: “Pilgrim in the Palace of Words is about language, about the words that splash and chatter across our tongues. Some six thousand languages are still spoken on the planet, and author Glenn Dixon – an expert is socio-linguistics and a tireless adventurer – travels to the Earth’s four corners to explore the way these languages create and mold societies”



5) Adam & Eve – Sena Jetter Naslund


I started reading this book at my doctor’s office one day, and I just had to take it home with me. The public library within my community supplies books throughout different business’s to help incorporate reading and marketing for their business. This particular read caught my eye, and with that I was drawn in. The beginning starts out a little crazy, but if you have a interest in thrillers and loving reads then I would say this is a great pick for you!

A little description:  “This thriller is rich in brilliant discourses on religion, fanaticism, the meaning of ancient cave art, the speculative future, and love.”  —Library Journal



6) Eat, Pray, Love – Elizabeth Gilbert


Last but certainly not least is I think everyone’s all time favorite Eat, Pray, Love. I started out by watching the movie first (which I heard is a no no in the book community) with Julia Roberts, which I think most of us have all seen. *laughs* When I was reading this book I started to understand more about life, and what it means instead of what the typical society has to say. Great read, and a great watch!

A little discription: “Elizabeth Gilbert’s Eat Pray Love touched the world and changed countless lives, inspiring and empowering millions of readers to search for their own best selves.”


Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, and I hope to see you again next week!

Adventures in the Field

Hello again, and welcome back to this weeks blog post! This week I am showing you a preview from a recent photo shoot that I was able to establish with a friend of mine. I have always been interested in pursuing a photo shoot within a corn field from a few of my inspirational sites. So after a few weeks of debating this creative thought, and the ultimate steps that it took to find a gorgeous model I finally made it happen. Yay is right. *laughs*

I was even able to capture a few shots of her fellow model/ canine companion that was just as gorgeous, and playful. If you are interested, her canine companion is an all white Husky with beautiful blue eyes that helped with capturing a few of these images. Below are a few of the images that I was able to produce from this wonderful photo shoot, and there is also an attached Pin-able image for sharing on Pinterest as well!

Thank you for reading this weeks blog post, and I hope to see you next week!





How To Properly Photograph a Vehicle for Re-Sale



Hi again! Welcome back to Jennifer’s Visual Design’s blog this week, and I am going to show you How-To Properly Photograph a Vehicle for Re-Sale. I got this idea from viewing a few craigslist pages of vehicles trying to be sold on the online market. Which comes in handy due to one of my jobs as a photographer at Kelley Automotive in Fort Wayne, IN.

You can do this photo process on any sort of device that has a form of camera attached to it such as a cell phone, tablet, digital camera, or a DSLR camera. Most individuals take photos with their phone to make the process easier to transfer from phone memory too whatever marketing platform you are trying to sell your vehicle on.

I will be showing you this process with photos I have already taken in an enclosed environment at my work for better quality, but this process will work in whatever environment you are in. To help with the photo taking process, and to attract more viewers look into washing, waxing, and detailing your vehicle before capturing images for re-sale.

How To Steps

Starting Step: Start by photographing the front passenger side of the vehicle to show the viewer a outside view of the vehicle first.




Second Step: Proceed to go into the inside of the vehicle to photograph the inside, starting with the center council to capture the display in reverse mode, and then on home mode. Then go on to capture the heating elements, and if the vehicle is a 4×4 then capture the push button and/or stick shift to show the viewer the options available.



Step Three: Move your camera back far enough to capture the entire steering wheel and part of the center council, then move in closer to capture any of the steering wheel amenities buttons (cruise control, volume control, and etc). Then place your camera near the horn to capture the dash display so viewers can see the mileage, the entire set up of the display, and if any lights are on.



Step Four: Step out of your vehicle, and then move to the front of the vehicle to capture a 180 degree area of your vehicle by capturing the front of the vehicle, then the front driver’s side, the back driver’s side, the entire back of the vehicle, and then the back passenger side of the vehicle.



Step Five: Move back to the front of the vehicle and then capture the front driver’s side tire so show your viewer the amount of tread that is still applied towards the tire. Then capture the inside of the vehicle starting with the front driver’s side, then capture an image of the inside of the door to show the viewer the amenities. Duplicate this process on the passenger side, back passenger side, and back driver’s side. Do not forget to capture extra amenities on the inside such as dvd players, remotes, headphones, and even the third row seat!



Step Six: Move to the back of the vehicle and if you have a car with a trunk then try and capture the best you can of the size and inside as you can. If you own a SUV/Van then open up hatch and capture the inside from the rubber seal in, then capture the button (if applicable) that automatically shuts your hatch. If you own a truck, then unlatch the tailgate and capture the inside of the bed of the truck. Also if you’re SUV, Van, or Truck has a hitch then capture an image of it to show the viewers the individual hook up’s and what condition it is in.



Step Seven: Move back to the front of the vehicle, lift the hood, and capture an image of the motor. If you have any extra amenities that are under the hood make sure to capture them also for the viewer’s information.




Step Eight: Last but not least, capture an image of the keys. Your viewer’s like to see the keys to make sure that you have them, and the options that are provided upon the key fob (if you have that option).



Extra Input: Some of the extra options that you can provide for your viewer that will help encourage them to possibly purchase your vehicle would to apply a video of the vehicle running so the viewer can hear the engine and exhaust conditions of the vehicle. If you own a 4×4, provide a video of the vehicle tow show that what condition that 4×4 transfer case would be in.


I hope this week’s How-To steps were helpful and informative towards your next re-sale. Please leave a comment on any improvements, and/or questions. Hope to see you next week, Thanks!

My Top 10 Goals for Growth


Hey there, nice to see you back again this week! I am sharing with you the Top 10 Goals that I have for Growth, from personal to professional that are within my current goal aspirations to long-term goals that will take time, patience, motivation, and overall progress.

  1. Profitable Business

One of my big goals is to become profitable with my design and photography work. There are many of options to choose from when wanting to go into business on your own with being a freelancer, selling my photography work, or even blogging full-time. This goal will take time, and work but I am encouraged to see where it goes day by day.

  1. Growth on Social Media

Growing on social media is one of my big goals as well towards putting my work out into the world, and letting others see what I can do as an artist. Which will help with my #1 goal in becoming a more profitable business. Go ahead and share your love with liking or following my social platforms now!

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  1. Become A Better Blogger

I am new to this blogging environment so I am still learning all the niche’s that are included in blogging that I need to improve on. I have a lot to learn, and understand about the blogging community so taking in all the valuable information is going to take time and patience with the journey ahead.

  1. Travel the Country

Yes! This goal is a definite favorite of mine, and will always be on my bucket list! I am a large encourager in traveling and expanding of horizons that lead towards newer and different environments which could encourage you to pursue movements that you would not have done before hand.

  1. Career Enhancements

I do have big dreams and aspirations towards becoming a designer, creative director, or even an art director within an organized and creative company. My main focus is towards establishing myself within a magazine company that would lean towards more of a 4×4 or muscle car environment such as four-wheeling magazine, wheeling magazine, or hot rod magazine.

  1. Graduate College

I am in the process of working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Communications and Design at Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne here in Fort Wayne, IN. This is a goal I set for myself, since a couple of individuals from my family have actually graduated college. I wanted to be one of the many that have successfully graduated, and keep my younger generation of family inspired to pursue their goals and accomplishments towards a better life. I am estimated to graduate in the spring of 2018, so keep my fingers crossed and hopefully things will go as planned.




  1. Move to A New Environment

This has been on my goal list for a while now, but it is definitely taking it’s time to be pursued. I am interested in moving out of Indiana (which is where I live now *laughs*) towards newer, up and coming environments. Possible options that I am leaning towards are Colorado, Alabama, North Carolina (my stomping grounds), Oregon, and Arizona. If you are from any of these states, please leave any comments on informative input towards the local areas, and surrounding areas.

  1. Keep Learning

I know it sounds kind of silly, but I love learning! Keeping my mind fresh and up to date on anything and everything that I love is important to me. Knowledge takes you to new areas and achievements in life, and without it you lack the most important thing in life. Learning keeps your mind active for creativity, inspiration, and overall creative growth!

  1. Continue to Photograph

I have been doing photography for a while now, and with that it is a passion of mine. I try to keep learning new, and improved ways of capturing images that my clients will love forever! I even have a collection of vintage camera’s and equipment that are presented all throughout my home for everyone to see. Photography will always be a part of my life, and helps me see things in a different perspective and angle, which helps keep me become inspired for ideas and concepts on future photo shoot concepts.

  1. Live Life

Yea, I know a crazy one for my last goal. *laughs* Live life is a goal due to only getting one chance at it and enjoy it while you have it! Live life with excitement, happiness, and inspiration which will lead you to great opportunities and growth within life itself.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog, and check out some of my fellow bloggers that can also help you get inspired for the growth of goals within your professional and personal settings.

Jennifer An Bui | Something Good Blog | White Oak Creative

Also, leave a comment on any goal you are wanting to pursue or currently have that you are wanting to pursue professional or personally.

Jeep Showcase

Hi there!, Welcome back to this weeks blog post by Jennifer’s Visual Design. Today I am showcasing an inspirational photo shoot I was able to accomplish this past week for a possible magazine cover. I am a huge Jeep fan, and in this cover shoot I was able to photograph an astonishing 2015 Jeep Wrangler Sport Unlimited addition with amazing amenities (which is one of my many dream vehicles).  Below are a few of the images I acquired from the shoot that I am pleased to show anyone and everyone.






Thank you for visiting this weeks blog post, and I hope to see you back again next week!

Mr. & Mrs. Palmer


Hi there! Glad to see you back again this week. I want to start out by saying congratulations too Mr. & Mrs. Palmer on their ultimate rainy day wedding, that turned out to be magnificent! The location for their beautiful wedding was a scenic nature preserve that was surrounded by a luscious wooded forest here in Indiana on Route 5.

I am sharing a few of the images that I was able to capture during this lovely rainy day wedding that expresses their over all essence of these two’s wedding day love and bliss.





My Simple Tips for Finding Inspiration



Hi there!,  Welcome back to my blog this week for some more inspiring information towards creating a more enjoyable work environment for your own photo and design world.

This week’s post is about providing tips towards finding inspiration when you are lacking that creative spark, while also helping you discover and network with other amazing bloggers that will help in find a diverse range of new brands. So keep your eyes out for links that will forward you to their blog so you can check out their amazing posts as well!

Here are some of the ways that I find inspiration…

  1. Taking A Break: Entails that I remove myself from my working environment and focus on something completely different. Trying exploring some new activities and/or hobbies that include watching a new show on Netflix, take a long well needed nap, put headphones in a jam to some music, read that intriguing book that has been sitting on your shelf for a while, or for a more artistic approach start sketching in a sketchbook.


  1. Get Moving: Obviously means to stand up and be active. Yes, actually moving and doing some pretty fun activities like going to the gym and getting your sweat on, walking your dog, taking a run or walk at your local park and getting some fresh air, and/or if you live near a more exotic type park like a State or National Park go and take a hike into the wilderness (but please be careful!). Also some of my favorite activities (if you’re near a water source) are camping, kayaking, paddle boarding, canoeing, swimming, and so on and so forth.


  1. Traveling: This is one of my top enjoyments and inspirational activities of all time. I am a huge fan of road trips due to being able to explore a new environment and discover a whole new range of activities and experiences that I would not be able to accomplish in my own town. Going on a cruise to some exotic island (maybe even Alaska), a three day music festival, or taking a plane ride to an international country like Italy, London, or German. Sometimes you don’t have to go that far to get some creative exploration going; places like a local art museum, a local zoo, exploring local farmers markets and downtown stores, or a new coffee shop or eatery.




  1. The Internet: Yes, that is right I did say the internet. Sometimes you just need some quick sparks of inspiration due to certain deadlines, timing issues, or more important tasks at hand. My enjoyable internet locations to achieve some quick motivation are Pinterest, StumbleUpon, CreativeLive, Creative Bloq, TEDtalks, and sometimes just simply exploring other bloggers on a variety of Social Medias.


  1. Spending Time with Others: Which can be a wide range of individuals, such as people who are close to the heart as family, children, and a spouse. Also getting out of the comfort zone by associating with others like fellow colleagues, meeting up with old class mates, or having a drink with a close friend.


  1. Have Fun: This is the best advice of all! Don’t be sad, be glad and have a fun time. Creative inspiration never comes from a sad mind, so go listen to a local bar band, enjoy an amazing concert, go eat at an exotic restaurant, cook a favorite meal, make personal color swatches, go to a Wine & Painting class, shop for amazing clothes, anything that gets the mind out of that horrible rut!


  1. Connect: Yep, that is right. Connecting with other bloggers or fellow individuals with different ideas, thoughts, and ways of processing will help establish a new spark for creativity. Fellow blogger White Oak Creative helps establish a blogger link-up that encourages others to participate, connect, and network with other bloggers on ideas that keep them inspired. Check out their page at White Oak Creative  and some other inspirational bloggers also:

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I hope you enjoyed this weeks post, and thank you for reading.

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