How To Apply A Resume In WordPress



Hello again, and welcome back to this weeks blog post! I wanted to show you how to apply a resume in WordPress, which I mentioned in last weeks post on the 5 Steps Towards Landing A Design Job.

In this how to tutorial/ steps process I am showing you how to apply your resume within a PDF form towards your webpage, and also with pictures! Mine is placed within my About page upon my website, but these steps will work with whatever page or area that you are interested in applying your very own resume.


 Step One: is to click on your pages icon on the left hand side bar of your WordPress page.



Step Two: when you open your Pages icon, go and click on your About page which will bring up your About page which you can do all of your adjustments and editing.



Step Three: after opening your About page, clock on the little drop down area in the far left section of your tools panel. The little downwards pointing arrow will take you to an extra menu when you click on it.


Step Four: after clicking upon the drop down area, you will see the Add Media option, which you will then click on.



Step Five: when you reach the adding media window, in the top section click on the Documents tab



Step Six: then below the Documents tab, you will see the Add New button, which you will then click on and internally search for your resume within a PDF form.



Step Seven: within the bottom left hand corner of the window you will see a Edit button, click on it


Step Eight: when the editing window appears you will want to then clock on the Copy button to copy the entire URL (or you can highlight the entire URL and hold down CTRL then press C on a PC…  or hold down Command, press C, then release both keys upon a MAC). After copying the URL, go to the bottom right hand corner and click on the Cancel button


Step Nine: now you will go back to your About editing page, and insert your designed image and/or button for individuals to see when viewing your page.



Step Ten: now click on your image/button  and click on the little text box that appears when highlighted to add a caption to your image/button.



Step Eleven: in this step you will highlight the caption text, and then go back up towards your Tools Panel and click on the chain icon/ link icon.


Step Twelve: you will then have a window appear, within that window you are able to do a few things. There will be a URL box, which you will then insert your URL (Hold Control and press V to paste on a PC or  hold down Command, press V, then release both keys on a MAC) within the box. You also have the option for your resume to open into another page/tab when clicked on.



Step Thirteen: you can also edit your caption text within the Link Text box as well. Which after you have completed everything, to the bottom right hand corner and click on Add Link which will insert your link within the text, and webpage.



Step Fourteen: last step, after you save you link is to then click on the Update button on the right hand sidebar of your page and then you should be set to go. YAY!



Now you know how to apply your resume within a WordPress page! YAY!

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog, and have a great week!


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