12 Elements of a Remarkable Photograph




Hi there, this week’s blog post is going to be about the top elements for creating a unique and outstanding photography! I am going to share with you the top twelve elements towards making a remarkable photograph. These elements are defined as necessary parts towards the success of an image.

Well; image, art piece, or photograph that will reveal some means of all of these twelve elements. A visually superior image will reveal obvious consideration of each one of these elements in some sort of visual way.


Impact: is the first view of an image for the first time. Compelling images evoke laughter, sadness, anger, pride, wonder or another intense emotional feeling that an individual gets when viewing the image.

Creativity: original, fresh, and external expression of the imagination of the maker by using the medium to convey an idea, message, or thought.

Technical Proficient: the print quality of the image itself as it is presented for viewing. Retouching, manipulation, sharpness, exposure, printing, mounting, and correct color are some design aspects that speak to the qualities of the over all print.




Composition: the importantance towards the design of an image, bringing all of the visual elements together to express the over all purpose of the image. Proper composition holds the viewer in the image and prompts the viewer to look where the creator intends. Effective composition can be pleasing or disturbing, depending on the intent of the image maker.

Lighting: the use and control of light—which we talked about in last weeks post on “The Art of Lighting” which refers to how dimension, shape and roundness are defined in an image. The light applied towards an image could be man made or natural, but proper use of it should enhance the image.

Style: is defined in ways as it applies to a creative image. It might be defined by a specific genre or simply be recognizable as the characteristics of how a specific artist applies light to a subject. It can impact an image in a positive manner when the subject matter and the style are appropriate for each other, or it can have a negative effect when they are at odds.

Print Presentation: affects an image by giving it a finished look, which the mats and borders used should support and enhance the image, not to distract from it.




Center of Interest: the point or points on an image where the maker wants the viewer to stop as they view the image. There can be primary and secondary centers of interest, but occasionally there will not be a specific center of interest. When the entire scene collectively serves as the center of interest.

Subject Matter: should always be appropriate to the story being told in an image.

Color Balance: is the over all harmony of an image, in which the tones work together to effectively supporting the image and enhance its emotional appeal. Color balance is not always harmonious and can be used to evoke diverse feelings for effect.

Technique: is the approach used to create the image. Printing, lighting, posing, capture, presentation media, and many more are parts of the techniques that can be applied to an image.

Story Telling: the image’s ability to evoke imagination. Each viewer might collect his own message, or read their own story in an image.


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