Spring Contract Hustle

design, Graphic Design



This past spring I was pursued by a company here in Fort Wayne, IN named Triple S Remodeling which provides contracting work from roofing too windows, and also bathroom remodeling to do some design work through a freelance contract. Through this contract I designed an assortment of items which included a newly designed header page for their individual needs. (Which is pictured above)




I also designed a few stationary layout forms for their sales teams to hand out to future clients for different options towards pricing for their services. The image above is of their general pricing out form that helps show the overall cost of any  particular service that is needed. The image below is two forms that the sales teams provide in terms of discounting the overall pricing of their services, or a simple factory rebate for customer satisfaction.




The last image is of a Roll-Up Banner that I designed for them to take to local events to help market their services, or to larger trade shows that will help enhance their overall booth display. This particular banner is around six feet in height, while around two to three feet in width so that any individual can see it from afar or close up. The banner displayed is for their window services, and provides details towards what their windows entail and is enhanced with their logo and  energy stars guaranty.





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