Summer Internship 2016

design, Graphic Design



The dog days of summer are coming to an end, but I enjoyed every minute of it! This past summer of 2016 I had the chance to be a Graphic Design Intern at a local organization here in Fort Wayne, IN  known as Associated Churches of Fort Wayne and Allen County. I had the privilege of helping their Creative Department by enhancing a variety of their inner organizations with creative redesigning and re-branding  through a multitude of ways.




Logo Designing was one of the great accomplishments I was able to establish during my summer internship. I was able to create two new design re-brands for their organizations.

  • The Landing Logo: The Landing is an organization that Associated Churches has  put together to help troubled teens with a place to feel comfortable and safe in times of need.  I re-branded their logo design with a two-in-one design that has a typographic form and a symbol form, and together makes an overall balanced logo.
  • Hunger Action Month Logo: Hunger Action Month is a county wide can food drive that helps stock up their pantry for families in times of need. They pass out their collected foods at a wide variety of food pantries within the Fort Wayne district to help out their community with hunger needs. I redesigned their logo with a fall theme in mind that establishes colors and a concept of a pear and plate combined.




Pamphlet-Brochure Designing was a effort all in itself. If you have ever designed a layout for a template of a brochure then you understand. I was able to create two designed pamphlets for Associated Churches that are located within their main building.

  • Planned Guide to Giving:The Planned Guide to Giving Pamphlet is a 5 page information packet that focuses toward the Retirement Plans and Funeral Arrangements Packages they offer for elderly individuals. I designed this pamphlet with a overall natural theme with bright colors and pleasantly  focused imagery.
  • Programs Guide: The Programs Guide is a generalized information packet that lets individuals know all the programs and organizations that Associated Churches provides and also helps function within their large networking association.




Last, but not least I was able to put my creative uses towards helping establish an overall email for a Community Prayer Breakfast Event that was sent out to all of Associated Churches networking individuals. The ideal theme for this email was with it being a Prayer Breakfast, that I wanted to establish a comfortable feel with using imagery that incorporated food, coffee, and that of individuals being social. I used two complimentary fonts throughout the email, while establishing an overall Red-Maroon look through out the email also.

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